The NFL: This SH*T is Bananas Edition

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The NFL: This SH*T is Bananas Edition

You ever have a random song pop into your head that has no business being there?
I’m talking about those songs that aren’t even from bands you like.

For example the title of this article. I haven’t heard this Gwen Stefani song since my little cousin’s 10th birthday party.
Anyways, it does make sense. This is all the crazy shit currently swirling in rumorland in the NFL.

The Giants Are now Ash Ketchum

Remember a few months back when I said that the Buffalo Bills were the Ash’s of the football world, catching QB’s left and right, trying to catch em’ all? They were signing QBs left and right just to have a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee before they peaced out to sweet contracts with the Packers. This season it appears that that is the Giants MO.

They just signed Rusty Smith. No idea who that is? Probably not someone you are ever going to need on your fantasy team. So far they have: Ryan Nassib, Curtis Painter and Josh Freeman.Holy back-ups batman!

Michael Vick Still Thinks He’s Hot
Well. I guess this IS to be determined.
Vick has now been awarded the No.8 with the Jets.
Vick said “I want to see everybody in there MV8 jerseys this year,” on his Instagram account.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve already amended my Christmas list.
The Browns + Vince Young= Cinderella Story?
I did see an article floating around somewhere proposing that this may be *Their* year.
I ignored as one does when a crazed fan writes dribble. What I can’t ignore is that the Browns are looking at Vince Young. Not that they have much in the trunk quarterback wise. Hoyer is recovering from a torn ACL and Alex Tanney is, well, Alex Tanney. I bet Haslam was real disappointed the Giants scooped up Freeman.
The Entire Buffalo Jills Scandal
The cheerleaders of the Buffalo Bills have never received wages. They do get a parking pass and a game day ticket valued at 90$. The Jills have now filed a lawsuit against their Bills for payment and against management’s poor handling. Some of this handling is hard to believe. The management was performing jiggle tests to judge whether the Jills could perform on game day. With the Bills’s revenue hitting around the $256 million mark, you can understand the girls wanting to make, well, something.
To Dunk or Not to Dunk?
As you have recently heard the NFL has now decided that any endzone dunking is forbidden. If a player decides to dunk after a touchdown he will receive a fine. Both Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham have said that they will continue to dunk. Calvin Johnson has said that he will make sure he doesn’t actually touch the goal posts and should therefore not receive a fine. See, Jimmy Graham is the reason this whole fine was put in place. He dunked so hard in Week 12 he knocked the goalpost off centre. Johnson believes a neat little layup should be exempt.
Well that’s it kids, I’ve got a tea to drink and a flu to fight.
Hayley Campbell

Director of Model Sports Fan

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