NFL Roundup: CBS, Greg Hardy and Jimmy Graham Money

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After taking a whiff of a brand new Manziel jersey a hope filled Browns fan was wearing yesterday, I remembered I haven’t written in awhile. My apologies; the summer is to blame.
Despite this being the slowest time in sports, there are always a few rumors and NFL players getting arrested. Without further ado; let’s get on with the NFL Roundup.
CBS is Giving a Choice
By this I mean that the broadcasting network has decided it will allow it’s announcers to chose whether they call the Redskins by name or not. The attack on the name has definitely heightened this off season and CBS is passively reacting. I say passively because they haven’t banned it it themselves. They’ve simply left it up to their own employees to decide how to act. This will of course cause a bigger impact when/if an announcer continues to use the ‘R” word. With a total of 5 Redskins games on CBS’s broadcast schedule for the upcoming season the team has some choices to make- you know before an official ruling has come out..
Kyle Orton Released by the ‘Boys
The “is Tony Romo clutch” articles are already circulating, but now they are joined with “Is Brandon Weeden enough?” This question is fair enough considering that Kyle Orton was just released. The Cowboys save $3.25 million in cap space by doing so. Orton is 31-years old and can still find a team to take him on. Despite his last significant play being an interception for the Cowboys; he has gas left in the tank. Besides that 24-22 loss against the Eagles in the 2013 season finale was hardly all his fault. He threw a solid 358 yards and did pretty well considering the situation. Now, the Cowboys are left with Brandon Weeden who didn’t exactly impress in Cleveland. Cowboys fans are most likely feeling a little uneasy considering that Romo suffered that back injury last season and is generally a roller coaster like QB.
Jimmy Graham Finally Signs a Deal
After the huppolah around Graham being or not being a TE he has signed a deal with the Saints.He signed a four-year, $40 million contract, $21 million of that guaranteed. He is now the highest paid TE in the league. However, I doubt this is changing things for other TE’s. Graham is one of a kind and despite the NFL’s findings is more than a TE.  The NFL.com is classifying him as a “F” meaning that his position is replacing that of a fullback in an offensive system. The position is defined as ‘flex’ meaning that he can play all over the formation. PS. Julius Thomas isn’t getting Jimmy Graham money.
Greg Hardy is Convicted
Hardy was convicted to a 60 day jail sentence and given 18 months of probation.
The charges stem from assault and uttering death threats to his his ex-girlfriend in May.
He’s appealed the charges which means his probation is on hold and he can travel with the team to training camp. What the team thinks about his conviction is another matter. He was named a franchise player and signed to a one year deal but no long term deal is in talks now.The Panthers said they had no comment but word on the street is that things arent looking good for Hardy.
Richardson, the Panthers owner, is said to be against signing anyone who has exhibited bad off the field behavior. Especially those involved with domestic abuse cases-that whole Carruth trying to murder his girlfriend thing has made the team leery.


Photo Credit: Shandershow,rumorsandrants, dallasnews, and CBS.

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