NFL Post Week 6: Who’s the Saddest of the Sad Edition

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Ah, Week 6, we hardly knew you.

Another week is past in the NFL and as per usual lots of shit happened.
Maybe its the Tom Waits I’m listening to but I’m feeling like their was some sad ass shit that went down in the league. Some teams have more of a reason to be sad than others, so we’re going to focus right on the saddest of the sad.

Without further ado, here’s the saddest of the sad in the NFL Post Week 6.

The Patriots are Back!!! With Injuries
The Patriots crushed souls on Sunday. In true New England style they came into Buffalo and reminded the fine people of upper New York why they cry at night. However, that win came with a price. The Pats are loaded upppp on injuries. A whopping 6 are out with 8 limited. The Golden Child himself, Tom Brady, was limited in practice Tuesday with an ankle injury. Jerod Mayo and Steven Ridley are out. Mayo is more or less the voice of the D so his injury will have a huge impact. Ridley was having a good season and his suspected torn ACL puts him out for the season. He’s the only true between the tackles runner and this leaves the Pats with a loss to replace him. Additionally the team lost Dan Connolly to a concussion. In addition the injury to Dont’a Hightower leaves the team thin for their match-up against the Jets.

The Redskins Entire Organization
The Redskins chalked up their 4th loss in a row. A dirty stat is knowing that it was their 13th in 14 games. Not to mention that whole name thing and that Dan Snyder sat down with the Navajo nation president- *because he cares*. Right, anyways, the Redskins look horrible and there’s been a rumor they are moving onto their 3rd stringer. Benching Cousins for Colt McCoy seems like a horrid idea, but those 3 interceptions in the 4th quarter were a pretty bad idea too. Not to mention that Alfred Morris has been running around in a snowsuit averaging a measly 4.0 per carry with 70 yards over two weeks without a TD. The situation is getting so bad that local news anchors are calling for the team to sign Donovan McNabb. McNabb, who is most likely neck deep in a hot tub somewhere could not be reached for comment.

Victor Cruz and the Giants

I don’t know what it is about that guy, but damn that was sad. Poor Cruz won’t be salsa dancing anymore this season. And no, it’s not because Eli was benched in favour of Curtis Painter. Cruz was in the endzone leaping to haul down a floater when he grabbed his knee before he hit the ground. According to Boykin who was beside him he started screaming at the top of his lungs. It took a single look to determine his injury was real bad. As they carted him off the field he sat in the back of the cart covering his face with his hands. It was so damn sad. Cruz suffered a torn patella tendon and is out for the season. Oh, and the Giants proved to still deserve sympathy for their sub par performance.

Other teams of sadness that are still the saddest without major changes are:

The Jaguars ( that blocked FG tho), The Bucs, the Raiders, the Jets, and the Vikings.

Have something sadder than this?

Get at me: @modelsportsfan

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Director of Model Sports Fan
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