New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos: That Game that was Supposed to Be

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A few weeks ago this upcoming match between the New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos was supposed to be the game. A snapshot at the AFC Championship game. Two of the best quarterbacks going head to head. Tickets started at $750.
But then everything fell apart.
Peyton Manning messed up his foot and his back-up, Brock Osweiler, has taken over. This alone was enough to put a damper on this game. Then add in all the Patriots injuries and this game is less the best of the best and more of a survival of the fittest test.
The Patriots are now missing running back Dion Lewis, Julian Edelman, Aaron Dobson and now Danny Amendola won’t be playing. He twisted his knee in Monday’s matchup against the Bills and won’t travel to Denver. They have a constantly changing offensive line due to injury as well. However, they have one of the best pass rushing defenses and rank second in sacks just behind the Broncos. Plus, you know, they have Belichick who has clearly sold his soul to the devil and Mr GQ Tom Brady.
The Broncos meanwhile have an excellent defense and young one at the helm. Quarterbacks who make their first or second career starts against the Patriots are 1-8 with 15 tds and a whopping 13 interceptions. This doesn’t sound good for Brock. Its doubtful that this will be the match up of the season and will measure up to past performances by the Manning/Brady machines..but this is football and the words Any Given Sunday hold weight.

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