New England Patriots and the Deflated Footballs

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As a Colts fan I am obviously bitter about the game on the weekend.

Never ever do you want to see your team beaten so soundly, especially in a Championship game.

When news broke about a possible shady dealing from New England during the game my little heart soared- for a minute.
The possibility of the Patriots deflating footballs and what this could mean require more than a cursory glance.


What We Know:
It all started when Colts Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson intercepted the ball in the second quarter.
He felt that the ball was slightly deflated so he informed the equipment manager. The Colts equipment staffer also apparently noticed the alleged under inflation.
The telephone game continued to Chuck Pagano to Ryan Grigson to the NFL director of field operations.
FYI: A deflated ball would make for easier grabbing in conditions such as the rain on Sunday.

The Story of the Ball:
So, teams give 12 balls to the ref at the beginning of the game.
The home team supplies an extra 12 on top of their initial 12.
Each ball is prepared specifically for the team’s quarterback through some sort of careful grooming technique.

The balls are then tested by officials, handled by ball attendants and by the umpire when he places the ball.
That’s a lot of ball touching by people other than the team who provided said ball.
What It Means:
The NFL, after a deeper investigation by society at large following the whole Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson thing, is taking this seriously. The Pats also have Spygate on their list of wrongdoings, which makes them look a tad more guilty than say, the Bucs.

If the balls are found to be deflated the Patriots could face fines as well as the loss of draft picks.


For the Colts it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

The ball could have been covered in honey.
The ball could have been replaced by a live cat.

And it wouldn’t have made an inch of difference.


Stay tuned sports fans.

-Hayley Campbell



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