NBA Draft Lottery: The ‘Winners’ of the ‘Losers’

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The NBA Draft Lottery is a lot like a high school party for the ‘nerds’. Sure everybody in the school is invited but only the losers are the one’s that are having fun. The cool kids at school are too busy trying to win a championship and pop champagne and couldn’t care less about the losers of the school toasting their Ginger Ale as they applaud their participation ribbons.

The NBA Draft Lottery winner is simply the winner of the losers. Teams such as Milwaukee and Philadelphia have been waiting for this day like Christmas Morning as they’ve spent six solid months tanking for the number one pick. For Boston, Utah, Orlando, Philadelphia and Milwaukee fans, the Draft Lottery gives them hope and in a year filled with A + talent, so I can understand the optimism.

Hope is probably the friendliest word in the English language for sports fans as it gives them something to look forward to and actually displays the possibility of something that isn’t always certain to them: Winning. When it comes to the NBA Draft Lottery, the word ‘winning’ is so bizarre. I’ve never really understand why a team that tanks so badly should be rewarded with the number one pick and a potential LeBron James, but I guess it’s the only way to make all fans happy. Fans of the teams that made the playoffs are usually content despite a devastating upset, while the rest of the league’s fans show optimism that their team’s ping-pong ball will be pulled from the lottery machine.

However, this is the best NBA draft class in a long time and teams have been ‘rebuilding’ for the last year or so in order to get a good pick. Even teams such a Boston and the Los Angeles Lakers, who are usually fighting for a NBA Championship at this time of the year found their way into the lottery mix and had small chance at grabbing the number one selection. Unlike years past, the Draft Lottery matters to not only one team, but having a top-five pick can legitimize your franchise as a future NBA All-Star is almost certain to be what you will receive.

Draft Lottery Winners:

  • Cleveland Cavillers: The Cavs had a 1.7 % chance of winning the Lottery and someone won it. First, the drafting of Johnny Football and now a potential NBA superstar to co-star with Kyrie Irving? Things are coming up Cleveland lately and they are basically turning into the Edmonton Oilers of the NBA, as this will be their third number one selection in four seasons. The number one selection opens up many possibilities for Cleveland as they now have the opportunity to turn their team into Team Canada and add Andrew Wiggins, who would be accompanied by fellow countryman Anthony Bennett and Tristan Thompson. Not only will this selection immediately help their future, but it also opens up potential free agents (LeBron James???) to Cleveland, as they will have a plethora of young talent.

Draft Lottery Loser

  • Detroit Pistons: The Pistons had an 82.5 % chance of keeping their pick, as it was a Top-8 protected pick. However, thanks the pesky Cavs who crept up to the number-one draft pick, it bumped the Pistons into the ninth spot, which meant they had to send the pick to Charlotte. The reason they had to send the pick to Charlotte was due to a trade back in 2012, which sent Ben Gordon to Charlotte for Corey Maggette. However, it saved them a chunk of money, which resulted in the signing of Josh Smith. How’d that work out again? Sorry, Detroit

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