National Butt Fumble Day

Nov 22 • Featured Blogs, NFL • 8130 Views • No Comments

Listen, shut up for a minute.

I’m not doing a breakdown of Pats vs Broncos right now.
It’s Friday afternoon and the functionality of my brain is in question.
I think what’s really important, today of all days, is that it’s the anniversary of the Butt Fumble.
That glorious moment when Mark ‘the hack’ Sanchez made this day important to the sports world and not just to JFK. The Patriots were sweeping the Jets 49-19. It was a night game on Thanksgiving and the smell of turkey was still strong in the house. Your full stomach and that extra helping of pumpkin pie and pecan pie (why both!?) was lulling you into a beautiful couchgating nap when it happened. Sanchez ran into the ass of his own lineman and lost the ball on impact.
And well you may believe that the baseball version of the butt fumble was superior; someone had to blaze that trail. So we salute you Mark Sanchez and your cornrows.
We hope you got those today because you knew that today had to be recognized for it’s greatness.

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