How much is Ryan Fitzpatrick worth?

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The NFL is a strange, strange place. I mean you knew that already, but did I think I would be talking about how Fitzpatrick is worth premium QB money in the year 2016? No, no one foresaw this. What with the issue of trying to find a dependable quarterback to lead an offense in the NFL guys like Fitzy are getting paid. Look at Brock who just cashed in on making more than Tom Brady to lead the damn Texans. When the walking dead named Peyton Manning wins a Super Bowl, it becomes clear that a team can win with a less than amazing quarterback.
Meanwhile, the Jets and Fitzy are in a standoff. Fitzy knows that he is competent enough. Especially considering that the Jets have a solid defense. He wants more than the ‘back up’ money that they apparently offered him. Its being said that that initial offer was in line with what the Eagles gave Chase Daniels. Fitzpatrick is in this for the money.The only other options the Jets can look at are RG3 and Colin Kaepernick.
Yes, this is the world we live in.

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