Monday Night Football and the Horrible Officiating

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Did you watch last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots?
If you did and you aren’t a Koolaid drinking Patriots fan than that twitch you developed somewhere in the second quarter hasn’t disappeared.
Besides the Buffalo Bills screwing themselves on field as per usual the officiating was such pure garbage that I still have heard palpitations.
Let’s take a look at some of the most horrific mistakes that the NFL reps made last night.


Giant Officiating Mistake #1
The inadvertent whistle in the third quarter. The Pats had the ball and Tom Brady hucked the ball down the side to Danny Amendola. As the ball was in the air line judge Gary Arthur blew his whistle. Did he lose track of where the ball was? Did he feel the play was dead before the ball left Brady’s hands? Either way the ball was caught by Amendola but he stopped running because of the whistle. Now, when a whistle is accidentally blown there is supposed to be a replay of the down. If the ball was in the hands of a receiver it is spotted at the point of reception or the team can elect to replay the down. Now, the ball was in mid air when Arthur blew his whistle, which meant that the down should have been replayed. However, the refs gave the Pats the ball where Amendola caught it (Giant Officiating Mistake #2). And then, possibly to make things up to the Pats they tacked on a 15 yard penalty because Rex was inside the white out of bounds line. Coaches are roaming around in there all the time. He wasn’t in the way at all. (Giant Officiating Mistake #3).

Check that out here.

Giant Officiating Mistake #4
Every damn time Tom Brady was in the pocket and threw the ball at the ground clearly not intending to complete the throw-but somehow never getting the intentional grounding call

Giant Officiating Mistake #5
The fact that Butler got called only once on pass interference while covering Sammy Watkins. Butler was not following the ball. He never even turned to look. Yet, only once did we see him get a pass interference call for not looking to where the ball was while mauling Watkins.

Giant Officiating Mistake#6
This one was reversed but was such an idiot call the first time around that I must comment.
LeSean McCoy makes a mad dash for the endzone launches in midair and breaks the plane before hitting the ground.
Thanks to the handy Plyon Cam viewers at home now have, this was pretty obvious. We saw it.

Giant Officiating Mistake #7
The last damn play of the game. Tyrod chucked the ball down to Watkins who caught it and then promptly fell backwards out of bounds. As he went out there was 2 seconds left on the clock. However, the officials ignored that he was out of bounds and let the game end. Sure, Tyrod was hurt and maybe he couldn’t have thrown a game winning hail Mary in 2 seconds but he should have been able to try. The officials didn’t even recognize this call post-game. Most likely because there is nothing they could have said to appease the fans.

Another night of horrid officiating and angry fans.
Goodell needs to make some changes- better training, full time refs- something.

Also, can the damn headsets get their act together and stop breaking with minutes left in the game?
K thanks.


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