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Name: Michael Naraine

When you aren’t obsessing over sports stats or your fantasy line up, you are _____.

Pretending to be a graduate student in our nation’s capital.

 Favourite sport?
Lacrosse. Baseball and Indoor vball are close seconds.

Favourite sports moment?
Joe Carter. Game Six.

Favourite athlete?
Retired: Robbie Alomar
Present: Prince Fielder (the bat flip does it for me every time)

 Favourite teams?
Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Argonauts
Toronto Rock
Buffalo Bills

Do you like long walks on the beach?
You can walk on the beach now!? What a world we live in

Jordan or LeBron?
MJ. If LeBron wanted to dominate, he would be driving to the bucket on every play. Instead, he pulls up, because that is the flashier choice.

Gretzky or Orr or Crosby?
Jari Kurri would not have become a household name without Gretzky. 99 has my vote.

P.Manning or Brady?
So I don’t get flack from Hayley, I’ll go Manning.

Ruth or Mays?
The correct answer is option three, Willie Mays Hayes. Runs like Mays, hits like sh*t.

You would sell your __ for Super bowl/World Cup/ Stanley Cup/ NBA Championship/ World Series.

If Phil Kessel can light the lamp with one testicle, I can give up one of my own
to see a (Maple Leafs team) hoist Lord Stanley’s cup.

Why are you a Model Sports Fan?
A lot of people profess to be hardcore or die hard fans. I on the other hand put my money where my mouth is and decided to study sport for a living. Now a PhD student in sport management, I’ve come to develop sound, rational arguments about sport, and not just nonsensical ramblings and homer posts. As an academic, I appreciate professional sport on levels often forgotten by passionate fan bases. And that is why I am the model sports fan.

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