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Matt Cassel Unlikely to Make Buffalo Bills Roster

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The Buffalo Bills are a ship without a captain.
After their “gotta catch em all” attitude in signing lacklustre quarterbacks they are right back to where they started- with EJ.
Cassel was supposed to be the fill in while the ship was righted when the Bills grabbed him off the Vikings. 
It turns out that the horrible showing in Minnesota was not a fluke.
Matt Cassel is just wet garbage.
Cassel was so bad at minicamp this past month that ESPN correspondent Mike Roddak has reported that Cassel may not even make the roster.
This means that EJ Manuel is going strong with Tyrod Taylor.
Add in that it was also reported that Manuel was no lock for quarterback and this competition is blown wide open.
This is anybody’s game in Buffalo. And as much as I love a good competition the last thing that you want a fight over is starting quarterback. This simply means that there isn’t a soul on the Buffalo team that has shown enough promise to lead the team.

Back to Cassel- the QB has a base salary of $4.15 million that is NOT guaranteed. This means that the Bills can cut their losses and save the money. Manuel is guaranteed $2.8 million of the next two years so he is staying even if it means he is sitting around with a Dunkin Donuts on the sidelines.
And the way it’s looking?
Cassel may be the one serving Manuel that coffee.

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