Mark Sanchez’s Second Chance

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It sounds like a children’s book; but it is actually real life.

Eagles fans everywhere developed an eye twitch this weekend when they lost their starting quarterback. Due to life being cruel things turned into what we call laughably bad. The Eagles back up quarterback, or I should say new starting quarterback is none other than Mark Sanchez.

The dark humor that is the Eagles current situation is real.

Nick Foles (my back-up quarterback in fantasy-fack) was hit from behind at the end of the first quarter by Texans outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus. He left the game and follow up reports have indicated that he has a broken collarbone. He is expected to miss 6-8 weeks while he heals.

Due to the switcheroo that took place in the off season Sanchez is the new Michael Vick. Now, bear with me, this may not be as bad as you assume. Sanchez is the originator of the butt fumble. He was the brunt of New York fan’s jokes. He played for a team that lost all respect for him and doubted his arm strength and leadership.

So are the Eagles doomed?

Here’s the interesting children’s book twist- Sanchez has not been a car on fire while under the Eagles franchise. He performed well in preseason. He answered the doubts about his arm. He came in on Sunday and helped win the game. Maclin and Sanchez hooked up for a 52-yard completion on their first attempt. It’s possible that New York was just as toxic to Sanchez as Sanchez was to New York. This may be Sanchez’s time to show the NFL that he can still be a starter. Not elite mind you, but capable. He does have a Chip Kelly as his coach, a respectable corps of receivers and some very talented running backs. Oh, and the team is already 6-2.

I’m not saying he will be the best of the best, but he could be better than he was as the Dirty Sanchez.

Hayley Campbell

Director of Model Sports Fan
Photo Credit: CSNPhilly

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