Manziel to the Cowboys?

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The Manziel saga continues. This past weekend Manziel was ruled out with a concussion and therefore didn’t have to report to the game. However, he did have an appointment at the Brown’s facility Sunday morning that he didn’t report to.
It’s looking more and more like Johnny was actually in Vegas Saturday night. ESPN is reporting that they’ve spoken to sources that Manziel was in a popular nightclub in Vegas Saturday and gambling that night. He was apparently in a blonde wig, glasses and a fake moustache.
When the Browns were asked where Johnny was Sunday they said they didn’t know. A protected source from inside the Browns organization said that Johnny had shown up inebriated shortly before this. Meanwhile, Johnny instagrammed a pic of him with his dog Saturday night geotagged to Ohio. Which of course you can set yourself.
There are a few ridiculous things about this.
Mostly that he is stalked so badly that he had to wear a disguise that includes a fake moustache. However, it is also insane that before the last game of the season Manziel felt the need to fly to Vegas for a night. I mean the season was over that weekend.
It will all turn out okay for Manziel though.
The Browns are clearly disillusioned with him. Owner Jimmy Haslam alluded to the fact that the Browns have the second round pick when he was pressed to talk about Johnny. Yet, there’s one man out there that would love to have Johnny, problems and all, on his team. Jerry Jones, the Cowboy’s owner, was asked if he would be interested in any “young backup quarterbacks available this off-season who come with some risk.” We all know who that is and Jerry Jones said he would take the risk.

Off to Dallas?


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