Let Marshawn Lynch Breathe

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Well, another NFL game another fine for Marshawn Lynch.

The star Seahawks player was slapped with a $20k fine today for an obscene gesture.

The gesture was committed after Lynch scored a touchdown on Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Lynch being overly excited grabbed his crotch. This is the second crotch grabbing incident for Lynch. He was given a $ $11,050 fine in December for the gesture in the NFC Championship Game.

Another fine may be on his way because of yet another presser mess up. Lynch is no fan of talking to the press and generally handles it by picking a phrase and repeating it for every inquiry.
Thank you for asking.

As witnessed here:

However, he skipped the presser after the win over Green Bay on Sunday. In the past he has been fined $50k for not talking to the media post-game. Since this happened on a number of occasions the league is considering upping the fine.


Some things are just so dumb and this is one of them.

Lynch knows the rules, he understands the fine but he continues to do what he wants.
Let the man do what he wants- he can afford it.

Credit: ESPN

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