LaRon Landry Suspended Again

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LaRon Landry didn’t learn his lesson.

The former Colts Safety was suspended for 10 games for testing positive for PED use.
Just last season he was busted for PED use and suspended 4 games.

Now, this isn’t the sort of suspension that shocks a nation. Landry struts around the NFL with muscles bigger than my niece’s torso. The size of his arms is so freakish that you start saying steroids before your brain has fully comprehended that you’ve spoken out loud.
It’s like the mole in Austin Powers. The word just keeps popping out without thought.

Exhibit A


His arms are officially bigger than his head. Is that a protein powder jug? Look how morphed it is compared to his voluminous pecs.

Exhibit B


Ah, the patented small back-up. The favourite of any meathead.
Look at the trap flare- that shit ain’t natural.

Exhibit C

I don’t need one.

Landry was recently released from the Colts after starting in 6 games and ending ranked 39th out of 87 players in his position. It was a disappointing season for a former No. 6 overall pick. He used to be known for his hard hits, but last season he was subpar. Landry is still young- just 30 years-old- but who wants the hassle? There are plenty of other young NFL safeties out there who don’t look like they spent 30 days and 30 nights with dumbbells strapped to their hands. Factor in 10 games he cannot play, add in his obvious mental inability to put down the roids and it looks like Landry’s career as a NFL safety is over.

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