Knicks Protest? The Knicks Organization Hits Back

Knicks Protest? The Knicks Organization Hits Back

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    I’m sure you heard a few days ago that a group of Knicks fans are planning a protest. This group, is calling their rally the “Knicks Fan for Life” protest. It will be held outside Madison Square Garden on March 19th when the Knicks host the Pacers. The protest is focused on the Knick’s owner James Dolan and the:
failure to allow knowledgeable basketball people the autonomy/power to make basketball related decisions.
The fans are also upset with the hiring of Steve Mills as the team’s general manager, since he “has never been in the GM role before and presided over one of the most embarrassing eras in Knick history.’’
Would the Knicks organization allow this to happen?
Hell no.
The Knicks organization has fired back at these protesters by arranging their own rally. This rally however is to thank the fans of the organization. All season ticket holders received this email today:

“With the Knicks back from their west coast tour, we wanted to celebrate in a big way, with you! If you plan to attend the Knicks game on Wednesday, March 19th, we’d love for you to attend the Knicks Happy Hour, courtesy of Chase. At this event, you’ll meet some Alumni, receive vouchers for merchandise and concessions and be able to watch shoot-around from a great spot. The event starts at 6PM, which is an hour before doors open to the general public [and two hours before game time], so you’ll be a VIP!

If you and your guests would like to attend, please let me know and print the invite for admission. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you are able to join us.”

Ah, the brilliance of the Knick’s organization.

They take their best customers and bring them inside away from the protest and give them free stuff and exclusive opportunities. This keeps the money in the Knick’s pockets and away from the unhappiness. As for those protesting fans? The organization has clearly shown how they feel about that whole situation with this plan.


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