Johnny Manziel and the No Fun League

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Last week Johnny Manziel played a fairly good game that the Browns lost to the Steelers. He was named the starting quarterback for the rest of the season. ESPN created a promo around Monday night’s game that was all about Johnny Football. Days later he is demoted to 3rd string for, well, being Johnny.
It was no surprise to those who have followed Manziel’s career pre-NFL that he likes to party. He was always getting in shit for being a frat parties, drunk on inflatable swans, etc. When he was drafted by the Browns he stayed the kid that he was. He continued to go to Texas A&M parties, he got in fights and was photographed drunk. He did go to a 10 week rehab program in the offseason for his alcohol abuse but it hasn’t done much.
During the bye week Johnny promised to be good. However, a video of him singing with a bottle of champagne in his hand surfaced. In response the Browns demoted him all the way to third stringer.
Now listen. I get what the Browns are hoping will happen. They demote Johnny. He sits in the corner and thinks about what he’s done. He restructures his priorities and choses to devote himself to the game and only the game. The thing is that Johnny has already faced punishment. He’s gone through an intensive rehab stint. He has fallen out of favour with his coaches and been a back-up quarterback already. You don’t cut him- he is a first round pick and he has potential. You place him on IR and you put him back in rehab. You leave him to the professionals instead of having a 22-year old kid sit around and watch less talented quarterbacks practice and play. Take the season away from him and when he is at his most angry and dejected let the professionals deal with him. 

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