Johnny Manziel is So Dumb

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You know I don’t think that we will stop writing about Johnny anytime soon. He is perpetually in the news for the stupid ass decisions he makes. The latest illustration of his lack of intelligence was, oh wait, ANOTHER video of him drinking! My God, the children.

View it Here.

In this video Johnny is seen singing along to a Future song drinking a freaking Four Loco. This wasn’t an old video because he is wearing a Christmas sweater AND dabbing. Yes, dabbing, that dance move that recently jumped the shark. (Dad, dabbing is when you pretend to sneeze into your elbow. I know, I don’t get it either).
Johnny posted this video, that he clearly took himself, on Yeti.

The Browns are a constant tire fire and clearly don’t know what to do with this kid. If I was head coach Pettine I wouldn’t know what to do either. Johnny spent 73 days in rehab, he was benched and publicly slapped on the wrist for his inability to quietly drink a bottle of whiskey in his basement like every other alcoholic. Mike Pettine said some things about it being concerning no matter the player, he’d talk to him and it’s not his job to micromanage his players.

No harsh punishment this time around.
The season is nearly done for the Browns and Johnny is the last damn quarterback they have. But, back to my earlier point, Johnny Manziel is just so dumb.

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