Johnny Manziel Doesn’t Have a Damn Roommate

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It’s been a weird week of unfounded reports on Manziel’s life.
First, it was being reported that Manziel was living with Von MIller. This was stated by Manziel himself and therefore taken as truth. It would sort of make sense. Manziel needs a job, the Broncos need a quarterback and the two are both from Texas A&M. However, Von Miller denied that he is living with Manziel and that he is trying to bring him to the Broncos. Manziel and him were reportedly just bro-shopping together for houses. Manziel has also apologized for being Miller into the mess that is his life in the media.

Then ESPN reported that Manziel was living with the Brown’s suspended Josh Gordon in LA. This would be a horrible match if it was true- but its not. Gordon meanwhile is going to be suspended for a little longer as his petition for reinstatement was denied.

So, Manziel doesn’t have a roommate or a team.
Or, I guess a girlfriend. He does have a dog though.
You got that going for you buddy.

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