Johnny Manziel Becomes the Starter

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Some changes finally happened in Cleveland.
It was bound to happen and someone, somewhere had a clock counting down to Johnny time.
Now on this glorious Tuesday the NFL has been granted it’s chance to see Johnny Manziel become the starter of the Cleveland Browns.
It was reported Tuesday morning by Jay Glazer that Manziel would start. This was following a press conference Monday that didn’t instill any confidence in Hoyer. For his part Hoyer had been okay for most of the season besides this last month. The veteran quarterback took the Browns to a 7-6 standing-which for the Browns is damn good. It is actually only the fourth time since 1989 that the Browns have been .500 or better.
This past month has been a different story. The game on Sunday against the Colts illustrated the offensive collapse of the Browns perfectly. The Browns had the lead the entire game until Luck drove down the field to score in the final seconds. To be fair, the Browns were leading because of their D- who scored twice. Hoyer got intercepted twice, had a measly 140 yards off of 14 completions out of 30 attempts. Over the past month Hoyer has completed less than 50 percent of his passes, had one touchdown and eight interceptions. These are absolutely horrid stats.
Turning the team over to Manziel is a must. It’s not outside pressure but Hoyer’s own inadequacies, which is really saying something for Pettine. Creeping into the playoffs is a pretty far off prospect after their loss to the Colts this past week. They would have to win their next three against the Bengals, Panthers and Ravens. They would also need the AFC North to shit the bed. Meeanniinngg Johnny time means less than the Browns fans would like it to, other than it could be a nice preview into next season.
Sorry Browns fans.

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