Jim Irsay and Colts are Strangely Silent on New Indiana Law

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If you’ve ever stumbled across Jim Irsay’s twitter page you know he’s not a silent man. He is overly opinionated and very vocal.
Yet, the Colts organization and Irsay haven’t said a word about the new Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana.
This act prohibits the placement of a “substantial burden” on the ability of a person, an institution, a business, or an association’s ability to follow his or her religious beliefs. Many in Indiana rallied against the law as its being interpreted as the ability to discriminate based on sexual orientation.
This same law popped up in Arizona last year and the NFL raised hell. They threatened to not hold the Super Bowl there- fairly serious raising.
You would think with the induction of Michael Sam that the NFL would continue to be active against these types of acts. Especially when Sam and others continue to state that there are more gay players within the NFL.
You can’t leave politics out of football after involving them in 2014.
It makes no sense to be silent now.


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