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    Rio Olympics: The Final Russian Athlete Count

    Aug 3 • 7681 Views • No Comments

      The final count of Russians that have been barred from competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio has been reached. On July 24th, the IOC decided to not ban all Russian athletes but did tell the individual sporting associations to take a closer look at the...

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    The Shaggy Defense

    Aug 2 • 6208 Views • No Comments

    A few days ago a video surfaced on Periscope of a guy who sure looked liked Aldon Smith. The alleged Aldon was smoking a joint. His body looks like Aldon’s. His tattoos look like Aldon’s. His face isn’t in it, but someone on camera says:...

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    Another Olympics, Another Country That’s Not Ready to Host

    Aug 2 • 5968 Views • No Comments

      Rio is turning out a lot like Sochi so far. The first athletes are arriving at the Athletes village and finding their rooms incomplete. Out of the 31 towers, only 12 are ready to be inhabited. The Australian team has reported flooding, broken...

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    Olympics Countdown: 4 Days

    Aug 2 • 1839 Views • No Comments

      Well here we are, 4 days out from Rio and crisis still looms. There are a number of items we could touch on today; the fire at the athletes residence, the media’s residence lacking pretty much every necessary thing, that Chinese hurdler who was...

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