How the Hell is Roethlisberger Going to Play on Sunday?

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This morning Roethlisberger was on some sort of sports show and revealed just how messed up his shoulder is from Saturday’s game against the Bengals. Turns out that he has an ACL sprain his throwing shoulder as well as several torn ligaments.
When asked what the next steps were Ben said that he was going to see the trainers and doctors tomorrow. He hasn’t tried to throw a football since Saturday. He mentioned that maybe he would practice hand offs and see how that went.

“It’s definitely sore,” Roethlisberger said. “I think it’s a little bit better than it was, but we’re still going to just take it day-by-day.”

Meanwhile, during Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin’s weekly presser he said that there was a chance Ben would play. Tomlin said he was being monitored day-to-day.

This means the Steelers would have to start Landry Jones against the Denver Broncos. I bet you don’t even know how Jones is. I have included a photo of his unhelmeted face because its important that we know what the Steelers have going in Sunday. On Saturday he went 2 for 5 for 11 yards and an very unfortunate interception. During the regular season he completed 58.2% of his passes for 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. This Sunday he would face the top-ranked defense. Not to mention that Pey-pey is back at the helm. That has the possibility of creating some Ray Lewis like morale boosting sack power.

I guess Ben could get shot up with enough pain killers to knock out the Hulk and get his shoulder taped up? This is going to be an ugly game.

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