It’s a Hard Knick’s Fan Life

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Well it’s happened.
The Knicks have reached paper bag status.

Last night the lowly Knicks dropped down to 5-34 by losing to the Rockets by 24 points.
They broke a franchise record with 14 straight losses. The lineup featured such scrubs as Langston Galloway, Travis Wear, Cleanthony Early, Quincy Acy and Shane Larkin.

This put the Knicks 6 below the 76ers and clearly into the fans afraid to show their faces stage.


Ah, the paper bag at a sporting event.
You may remember it from such teams as:

The Toronto Maple Leafs

A Toronto Maple Leafs fan with a paper bag over his head attends a NHL hockey game against the New York Rangers in Toronto

The New York Mets


the Detroit Lions and New York Giants



Hell, there was a time that I even wore one as a Colts fan. Thank you Curtis Painter.



The sad thing for the Knicks is there is no Andrew Luck on the horizon. The team will suffer the rest of the season. There’s even talk now of not playing Carmelo and letting him rest. PEOPLE ARE DEBATING THIS. While the youngsters will get a chance to show Fisher and Jackson if they’re worth, well anything, more paper bags are going to show.

It’s a hard knock life New York.



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