Greg Hardy’s Suspended for 4 games- What does this mean for Tom Brady?

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Greg Hardy was originally sentenced to a 10 game suspension for the domestic assault against his girlfriend in 2014. However, after his appeal the arbitrator reduced his suspension to only 4 games.
This is the same amount of games that Tom Brady has been suspended for for Deflategate. Slightly deflated balls and bruised up women- same difference.

One can only assume that Brady’s appeal decision must be coming down the pipeline soon enough. It was reported we would hear the NFL’s decision on his 4 game suspension on the afternoon of the July 4th weekend. The all important media dump of shame that this year yielded four other suspensions. However, there hasn’t been a peep about Brady. The big question now is- will Brady still sit out 4 games- the same amount as Greg Hardy?
The NFL has been notorious for light suspensions for domestic abuse in the past. By past I mean before the Ray Rice elevator video and the absolute clusterfuck that was that ruling. However, the new policy is an immediate 6 games for a first offence and then indefinite suspension for a second. The way that the NFL approaches domestic abuse has changed.
When examining the Greg Hardy situation a few things must be noted. First, he sat out most of the 2014 season due to the arrest so he has missed many games already. Second, the victim Nicole Holder did not show up to court, which reduced the burden of proof. The appeal was also evaluated by Arbitrator Harold Henderson and not Goodell. This also happened prior to Ray Rice and had much less media coverage.

Brady on the other hand has had more media coverage than the entire Super Bowl.
The fall of the golden child. The deflated balls in the bathroom. The damning Wells report.
This is also the second ‘cheating’ episode by the the Patriots. I don’t believe that a fully inflated ball would have changed the outcome of the Colts game that they were discovered at- but its the integrity of the game. And unfortunately for Brady integrity of the game is something that Goodell cares a lot about, and since he will make the decision about Brady’s appeal things do not look good.

Oddly, the first game back for Greg Hardy is against the Patriots.


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