Graeme Wallace

When you aren’t obsessing over sports stats or your fantasy line up, you are __
Thinking about life, spending time with friends and family, working, and doing other hobbies like playing sports and music

Favourite sport?
NFL Football

Favourite sports moment?
Joe Carter’s home run that clinched the 1993 World Series

Favourite athlete?
Johnny Manziel

Favourite teams?
Toronto Blue Jays, Buffalo Bills, Toronto Raptors

Do you like long walks on the beach?

Jordan or LeBron?

Gretzky or Orr or Crosby?

P.Manning or T. Brady?

Ruth or Mays?

You would sell your __ for a Super bowl/World Cup/ Stanley Cup/ NBA Championship/ World Series.
Nothing.  If I didn’t earn it, I

Why are you a Model Sports Fan?
Sports has been my main interest in life for as long as I can remember.  I have strong opinions on just about every topic and enjoy sharing them.  I also have a strong sense of journalistic integrity and professionalism.

Twitter: @graeme_wallace

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