Frank Gore Needs to be Better Than His Word If He Becomes a Colt

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After what seemed to be a verbal deal Frank Gore is changing course.

The impending free agent had initially said that he would join the Philadelphia Eagles.
However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that Gore is flying to Indy with Andre Johnson.

Ah, free agency.

Officially, a team cannot announce a deal until March 10th at 4pm.
Yet, leaks are common and the NFL can’t seem to stifle them.

On just Sunday Twitter told us that  Gore would sign with the Eagles.
The long-time 49ers back was fit to replace McCoy who is on his way to Buffalo.

As an every down back Gore is a big of a magical beast.
And considering that Indy is most likely due to make another Super Bowl run, they could use one of those.
Especially after taking a look at  their current RB roster- Herron, Tipton and Ballard will most likely stay. Bradshaw, who was just nabbed for possession of marijuana, and Richardson who is the wettest of the garbage- aren’t staying.


Word was that Gore was offered $7.5 million in guarantees over the first two years by the Eagles.
The Colts have to be offering more AND bargaining that Gore’s age isn’t going to affect his performance.

Let’s not forget that Gore is 31-years-old. History tells us that it is highly unusual for a running back in his early 30s to continue to push for 1000 yards a season. In fact, out of the notable RBs similar to Gore only Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith have rushed for more than a 1000 yards at the age of 32.


So, if the Colts are offering Gore more money they shouldn’t expect too much.

Although looking at Trent Richardon’s past performance.. I suppose you can only go up from here.


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