Finally, a Ridiculous Offseason NFL Story

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I love this story with all my heart.
So, Denard Robinson of the Jacksonville Jaguars was found asleep in a sinking car at 4:22am in Jacksonville. Authorities found Robinson’s Impala sinking into a retention pond. There was also a female passenger that was also dead asleep. The authorities attempted to get both of them to exit the vehicle and neither would leave. Neither seemed aware that they were sinking into the pond. The officer knocked on the driver’s door, which was partially submerged. Robinson opened his eyes and then closed them. Meanwhile, the female passenger replied with “whats up” and then rolled the window back up. They both seemed to think they were still on the road.
Oddly, neither tested positive for intoxication and no charges were laid. The car also seemed to have drifted right into the pond with no skid marks to indicate that Robinson had braked.
Later, Robinson posted a tweet to say he was grateful for his life, yada yada and shouldn’t have been driving while so sleepy.
Let’s take a moment… who on earth is so sleepy that they don’t notice that their car is sinking in water and then don’t respond to knocking and attempts to remove them from a vehicle? And they AREN’T under the influence of anything?
I love the NFL and all the ridiculous, stupid power it wields.

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