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FIFA CANDIDATE PROPOSES NEW ORANGE CARD (with helpful pic of what getting an orange card might look like)

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As you can see, the above player being reprimanded looks both disappointed, that he is being cautioned at all (he doesn’t think he did anything wrong), and simultaneously relieved, that he has not been shown a red card and kicked out of the match.

Of course, his opponent’s slacked jaw illustrates his disbelief that a harsher ruling was not applied. Classic opposing perspectives.

And, as ever, the referee’s sassy look symbolizes his control of this match, as if to say “Oh really??? You didn’t just chop his legs out from under him??? This is MY field, and bullshittery will not be tolerated.” Just look at that raised eyebrow smirk. He’s got more sass than an over privileged tween girl talking on her iPhone.

(And to think BBC thought they were wasting money when they bought all those Photoshop licenses…)

So what exactly is this proposed Orange Card all about?

In spirit, it is about creating a card for transgressions that are deemed to be more severe than a yellow card, but do not satisfy the harshness required for a red card.

In practice, it is about disciplining offenders so that they are forced to miss 2-3 minutes of a game, instead of being kicked out of the game for good.

In reality, it is about a French guy named Jerome Champagne trying to get elected as the next FIFA President… but that’s a whole different story…

The question is, what do people think about sending soccer players to a penalty box, instead of sending them to the locker room?

Traditionalists will scoff at the idea- probably while in the middle of downing their fifth pint of the night.

Moderates will want to hear more about how, when, and why an orange card would be given- reasonable, but almost too reasonable. Sports just don’t always make sense.

And modernists will want to insert a chip into every player that will transmit a digital signal showing what the intent behind every challenge is- thus removing the need for a human referee altogether. Cyborg soccer does have a ring to it…

However, whatever the case may be, we are far, far away from FIFA even considering the use of a new card – whatever that colour is- although the discussion has begun and the door has been slightly a jarred.

Which is a good thing.

Because every now and then it’s important to take a look at things (sports, rules, sports rules) to see if they can be improved.

In the case of the Orange Card there is nothing to get too excited over or angry about right now, but something tells me this is not the last we will hear about introducing a new card into the soccer fray…


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