Eric Dowdall

When I’m not obsessing over sports stats, I am
…Sorry I don’t like to deal with hypothetical questions.

Favourite Sport:
to watch/follow is football, to play is golf
Favourite Sports Moment:
 Ray Allen’s step back 3 pointer against San Antonio in the NBA finals. It’s crazy to think of the historical impact of that shot on LeBron’s legacy and his future
Favourite Athlete:
Tiger Woods/Roger Federer/LeBron
Favourite Teams:
Raptors/Blue Jays for the home teams, my NFL team is the Arizona Cardinals
I like long walks on the beach.
What’s the nicest way to say absolutely not?
Jordan or LeBron?
LeBron (see favourite athletes)
Gretzky or Orr or Crosby?
Gretzky – different game back then but can’t argue with the numbers.
P.Manning or Brady?
Peyton Manning – greatest QB ever.
Ruth or Mays?
I’ll take Ruth based on historical impact
You would sell your __ for Super bowl/World Cup/ Stanley Cup/ NBA Championship/ World Series.
Why are you a Model Sports Fan? (as in devoted/crazy ass sports fan)
Been that way for years. There is no sport I don’t love and stats fascinate me. I think it would be very difficult to find someone who could beat me in sports trivia across all sports.


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