The End of Deflategate and Goodell is an Idiot

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Tom Brady suspended for 4 games.
What a miraculous sentence to hear.
Of course, as a fervent Brady Hater I had a small moment of joy.
After years of yearning for his collapse how could I not?
Strangely, that joy didn’t last once I considered the situation.
A four game suspension, a million dollar fine and the loss of a 2016 1st round and 2017 4th round pick? All for slightly deflated balls? All from one game of suspicion and some shady texts about hating Brady from the man who apparently deflated footballs for the Pats?
Let me get ahead of your indignant cries of BUT THATS CHEATING.
11193398_822894517800178_1821168998132048625_nIt is cheating. A lot of cheating seems to take place in the NFL.
From Bountygate to Spygate there is a lot of bad shit that goes down within the league. I am not dismissing the ball doctoring.
The problem I’m having with all of this is the specific fine that was levied by Mr Goodell.

Under CBA rules the maximum fine is $500k. Yet, Goodell is doubling it for what he may as well call a “not cooperating” tax. When the league began their investigation Brady’s phone was requested and he said no. Additionally, the deflator himself, Jim McNally, was not made available when requested for a follow up interview (follow up).
This is Goodell lording his power over what has become a very public situation. Considering the year that the NFL had with Hernandez, Rice, Peterson it led to this. Goodell screwed up so badly with Rice that the next idiot that got caught breaking a rule, any rule, was sure to get more than the light slap  (oh bad word choice- that was low) on the wrist. Yet, the golden boy Brady getting four games for not cooperating?
This is continuation of pressure loaded decisions made by the Commissioner. Look at Sean Payton being suspended for a year for being “ignorant” to Bountygate. After he was absolved of any wrong doing in the Rice case he can do whatever he wants. And wasn’t THAT situation mishandled.
Goodell cannot defuse a bomb- he always clips the wrong wire.
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