EJ Manuel: the Bills Believe in Him

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The Cowboys picked up Matt Cassel this week in the wake of Romo being broken again. Funny, the Bills were just all confident that they needed their most veteran backup as their number one backup. He was released and then resigned at a cap friendly deal as Rex Ryan thought the Bills needed him. Now, with Cassel’s departure the Bills are looking at EJ Manuel as their numbero uno back up option behind the newly tested Tyrod Taylor. EJ has been quoted as saying things such as “they believe in me.”
Being a Bills fan is a real soap opera isn’t it? I’m not saying that Cassel was the answer or the Matt Flynn/Green Bay saviour.. but EJ Manuel? Really?
You know what will never happen?
No one will ever stand in a crowd, write an article or turn to their buddy and say:
‘Do you think EJ Manuel is elite?”

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