The Disappointments In the NFL in Week 15

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Maybe I’m just being a hater because its Monday but some weeirdd things happened yesterday in Week 15 in the NFL. And for the most part; they weren’t pretty. Especially Fantasy wise- Aaron Rodgers you slay me.
But without further ado here’s a rundown on all the weirdness in this highly biased article.


1. Aaron Rodgers is Getting Coal for Christmas

Oh Dear God, why Aaron. A whopping 8.10 points went up for Aaron Rodgers in Fantasy yesterday.
The Packers once again shit the bed in Buffalo and lost. The Pack are now 0-6 at Ralph Wilson stadium.
The Bills on the other hand looked like some sort of miracle. Super Mario and Rambo dominated. Combine that with a former CFLer (thigpen) scoring on a 75-yard punt return and the sky is falling. At least it should be, these things don’t happen in Buffalo do they?? Of course Kyle Orton wasn’t a demi-God by any means. He went 14 of 27 for only 158 yards and one interception.. but I hear defenses win championships.

2. Manziel Mania is Over

I wrote last week about how the Browns HC did the right thing by holding off Johnny time. The Browns at 7-6 weren’t playoff bound unless the stars aligned. Except Pettine chose to start Johnny and he was horrid. Bad decisions, interceptions- not any kind of ready. Of course Hoyer was sucking it up just as badly and you can see how Pettine was hoping something would happen. Maybe Johnny will put in a hard week of practice and look like a NFL caliber quarterback on Sunday. Either way he’s ready.


3. Somebody Messed up in Seattle

The 49ers were eliminated from playoff contention on Sunday. What should have been a big rivalry game was lackluster- except for that call. You know, the call that happened in the fourth quarter on a third down. Ref Ed Hochuli called a roughing the passer call against Nick Moody on his hit on Russell Wilson. The call which has now been admitted as a mistake; set up the Seahawks with a first down. They then got a touchdown making it a two possession game. The hit itself seemed to be clean to just about everyone else. The announcers and 49ers were both surprised. However, Hochuli said to him it looks like Moody hit with the hairline of his helmet, which is illegal.

This was the first time the 49ers were knocked from contention under Harbaugh’s reign.
Looks like its time for some changes in San Fran.


Oh and that sweet block from Peyton Manning pretty much made my night until it appeared he may be out with an injury.
The weirdest Peyton move I’ve ever seen.





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