Deflategate: Part Deux

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I won’t lie to you; I’ve had it with the freaking deflated ball story.
I’d love to move on and maybe talk about, I don’t know, THE SUPERBOWL.
Except that it just won’t die. It won’t.
What with the new exciting breaks in the story I figured I’d better catch you all up because I know you care.
We have a suspect.
The NFL is now investigating the New England Patriots locker room attendant.
A surveillance video shows the attendant taking the footballs from the officials after the inspection was complete. The attendant then takes the balls to another room at Gilette Stadium before taking them to the field. Here’s the thing though. I doubt this attendant was the Robin Hood of NFL football balls-taking the air from the rich and… anyways, I’m trying to say that he wouldn’t have acted alone.

The attendant went to what is most likely a washroom and had both team’s balls and was in there for 90 seconds. I doubt the peeing would take 90 seconds never mind removing 11 balls, deflating each, and then putting them back in the bag and getting out of there. He definitely didn’t wash his hands. UNLESS they had a miniature self-relieving regulator….


But they were also marked with the inspectors Johnny Handcock.

Guess what. That mark is a simple L in silver sharpie.
Could the balls have been switched with already forged L’s in that “bathroom”!?



The owner of the maybe disgraced Patriots has finally made a statement.

Robert Kraft spoke to the media Monday night about those 11 deflated footballs.

He mostly said that he believes his team hasn’t done a thing wrong. And that when the NFL uncovers that his team is innocent he expects the league to issue an apology. Kraft believes that the entire investigation has been mishandled. This is pretty funny considering the way that other scandals have been handled – ahmen Ray Rice ahmen. Or the innocence of the Patriots in say, Aaron Hernandez.
Evil lurks around every corner Mr Kraft.


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