The Dawning of a New Jason Day

The Dawning of a New Jason Day

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“Who is your tip for this week?” This is a question I’m asked fairly often. In my head there are always a few go-to guys that I know will always put in a performance. This week I’m talking about one of the most skilled and underrated golfer in the world. I truly believe that this year will see the arrival of Jason Day. Last year we saw the fulfillment of Adam Scott’s career of hype. Scott had often been labeled as an under performer until this year. He blew that out of the water didn’t he? So this year’s Aussie of the year is going to be Jason Day.


Why? Look at this guy’s career stats. When he shows up he very often gives himself a shot at taking home the bread. Nowhere is this truer than his annual outing at Augusta National. His record at the US Masters is outstanding and I already think he is my tip for the green jacket this year.


If you look at Day’s swing it is an abbreviated yet powerful action. Top Scottish coach Kevin Craggs once referred to this as ‘Ferrari power from a Fiesta engine’. It’s a simple action where there isn’t much that can go wrong. Day and the aforementioned Adam Scott won this year’s World Cup of Golf and this is all confidence building. A win is a win.


Finally, Jason Day faced great tragedy at the tail end of last year. Typhoon Haiyan, the storm that ripped a trail of destruction through the Philippines saw the young Australian lose three family members. This helped him on to victory at the world cup and I think may inspire him to a major victory this year. It is often said that through tragedy comes triumph and I hope that this is the case. Day is a highly entertaining golfer and one with a huge future. Here’s to a great 2014 Jason.

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