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Curry and Kerr Both Fined $25,000

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Well, last night was a hell of a game.
Sure, at the end of the first quarter the Cavs were up by 22, yes, there were some ‘weirdo’ calls, but it was still the sort of NBA game we will be talking about for a long time.

Steph Curry fouled out in the 4th quarter and reacted the way one does when upset. His ever present mouthguard was ripped from his mouth and chucked into the fans with aggression. This was Curry’s first ever ejection and between the mouthguard and the swearing at the ref- he was pissed. Lucky for Curry he hit Andrew Forbes, the son of Cavaliers minority owner Nate Forbes. Unlucky for him, the toss got him a $25,000k fine.

Coach Kerr was also hit with a $25,000k fine for his comments after the game about the officiating. Kerr was upset with 3 of the 6 fouls that Curry received. He said that in particular referee Jason Phillips was being unfair and biased. He knew he’d get the fine and didn’t care. He actually said he was glad that Curry tossed his mouthpiece to show his disagreement with the call.

Curry’s wife also took to Twitter to express her frustrations with the fouls called on her husband. She didn’t mince words, she called the NBA for being rigged and that the calls were ridiculous. She deleted the tweet and apologized for tweeting in the heat of the moment. If she could be fined, you know the NBA would issue her one.

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