NFL: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

The Colts vs Patriots Game is NOT the Game to Watch

Oct 17 • Featured Blogs, NFL • 20832 Views • No Comments

Unless you are some sort of sadist. In which case enjoy the slaughter you freak. Inside the NFL was doing their thing this morning talking about the upcoming games on Sunday. The announcers named the Colts vs Patriots game as the “Game to Watch.” Excuse me? You mean the Colts team that has a questionable Andrew Luck. A back up zombie 40-year-old quarterback- excuse me Franchise Quarterback. You mean the team that has had so many injuries at corner that the water boy is now suited up? The team that has their star receiver listed as probable? Oh, you mean that just resigned Bradshaw because its that sad. Or the Colts safety Mike Adams who said that against Gronk every Colts was a ‘Mismatch.”
Lets not forget it was the Colts that raised the alarm in regards to deflated balls. Belichick wouldn’t be a vengeful man. Right?

This is going to be a slaughter that should only be released on video days later by TMZ as an exclusive.

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