Collusion or No: Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas Get Their Money

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On the longest day of no major American sports we managed to find some excitement.
The deadline for contract negotiation was met for both Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas.
The drama was over and Cowboys fans stopped despairing that the O would have to run the ball Jets style.
Oddly, the two receivers signed near identical contracts. The contracts were 5-year, $70 million dollar deals with Dez getting a guaranteed $45 million and Thomas getting $43.5.

The suspicion that the Cowboys and Broncos had colluded to reach these deals pretty much blew up Twitter. Even the New York Times wrote about the possibility of collusion. It didn’t help that the Cowboy’s COO Jones told Dez that Jerry had been chatting with Elway to reach an agreement to satisfy the receiver.

Whether or not ownership colluded is unknown- BUT- the agents and players definitely colluded. This permissible collusion happened between both Dez and Demaryius’s agents as they work together at CAA. The two wrangled the deal out by comparing the max $28 million earned under a franchise tag against what a similar long term deal would like look.

The eyes on Jones and Elway stopped them from doing any chatting close to deadline while successfully letting the agents drive for the hardest bargain. The players got paid and now the new bar for Wide Receiver contracts has been set. Question is, who’s next? Can T.Y Hilton who’s finishing up the last year on his contract demand Dez/Demaryius money?

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