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This Chris Bosh Situation is Bizarro World Weird

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So, as a reminder, Bosh left last season with a pretty serious issue. He had blood clots in his leg that went to his lungs. This could lead to a pulmonary embolism and, well death. So, he has not played since the All Star break.
Bosh now has to take blood thinners to get rid of the blood clots. The thinners make him very susceptible to injury as any hard contact could lead to a dangerous bleeding issue.
Bosh is apparently trying to get a doctor to take him off the thinners or put him on an alternative medication. Meanwhile, the Heat are saying that they don’t agree with this and don’t want him to mismanage his health- they won’t play him and put him at risk.
Now that the Heat are advancing to Round 2 against the Raptors Bosch is doing more than have his wifey tweet out #BringBoshBack. He has gotten the union involved and apparently some sketchy doctor (who I imagine is the real life version of Dr Nick) has said agreed to clear him.
Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the backwardness of this situation versus, say, the NFL. Usually a sports team is trying to get a player back tout suite despite what is best for the player. In this bizarro world twist the Heat is saying, listen we would love to have you back, but you might die, so no.
Will Bosh play in Round 2? Probably not, and that’s the best for Chris despite his insistence to the contrary.

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