The Chargers, Spleens and Chase Daniels

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This coming weekend is D-day for a few teams in the NFL.
Those hoping to squeak into the play-offs on the complicated they lose, they lose or tie, we win formula.
The Chargers and the Chiefs were one of those match-ups. The Chargers needed to beat the Chiefs to get into the playoffs for the second year in a row. The Chiefs needed to win, the Ravens to lose and the Texans to lose or tie to move ahead. Now, all those hopes are all but dashed.

Somehow, Alex Smith was walking around with a lacerated spleen since Sunday. The Chiefs quarterback had felt a little uncomfortable and assumed he had a stomach bug. He practised fully on both Monday and Tuesday.  The Chiefs doctor wanted to take a closer look and tests revealed that Smith had a lacerated spleen. How on earth does a human walk around with a lacerated spleen and not notice? And not just walking! He was fully practising! It really says something about the amount of discomfort that football players are in. Fractured spines, newly broken and repaired hands and now lacerated spleens.

The removal of Alex Smith’s from Sunday’s game puts quiet a few different teams into a dismal position. Assuming that the Chiefs cannot beat the Chargers with their backup quarterback. Who, if you didn’t know, is Chase Daniels. Brandon Flowers had such glowing words to report as “he’s capable.” He has one career start from 2013- 25 of 38 passes for 248 yards and one touchdown.

IF the Chiefs lose this impacts the Ravens. They needed the Bolts to lose to move forward. The Texans also needed the Bolts to lose at Arrowhead.

However, if you didn’t realize it-a WR on the Chiefs hasn’t caught a touchdown pass the whole freaking season. Actually. Every touchdown has been hauled into the endzone in the hands of running backs or tight ends. Just pull a Rex Ryan and let Jamaal Charles have the ball at every touch. Any given Sunday right?


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