Champions League Quarter Final Matchups- DAVIDS' vs GOLIATHS'

Champions League Quarter Final Match-ups- DAVIDS’ vs GOLIATHS’

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With 8 teams left in this year’s Championnnnnnnnnnnnnns League you would like to think that they all have a shot of hoisting the trophy come May.

They don’t.

Let’s break down how the remaining Champions League Quarter Final Match-ups-Davids’ and Goliaths’ match up en route to the semis…

Athletico Madrid vs Barcelona – “David vs The Other Goliath”

Let’s be honest, if this was a derby between Athletico and Real than it would be a more classic inter-city David vs Goliath. It isn’t, but it’s still hard to take anything away from this match up.

As it stands right now, Athletico and Barca sit 1,2 in the La Liga standings – so even calling Athletico a “David” is a little misleading – but if you take into account the history of the two clubs that argument crumbles quicker than a defender’s knees as he looks up to see Messi running straight at him.

This should be the most entertaining tie of the four.

What the World Wants: To see Barca and Real go head to head (sorry Athletico).
What the World Will Get: Barca’s poise and maturity prevails (sorry again Athletico).


Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich – “David Moyes vs. Goliath”

Describing this season as “challenging” for David Moyes would be the closest he has been to challenging for anything so far this year. Having sputtered out of the domestic cups’ and sitting outside of a spot in Europe for next season, this is quite literally all David Moyes has left to salvage one of Man U’s worst seasons in recent memory.

However, winning the Champions League would surely go far towards….

What’s the point of even writing it.

Man U has about as much chance of beating the defending Champions League winners as they do of qualifying for next season’s Europa League.

Ouch. How does that taste Red Devils’?

What the World Wants: To see David Moyes and/or Sir Alex in tears.

What the World Will Get: Moyes might not actually cry physical tears, but after the beat down Bayern is going to provide his brain will be crying internally. Ferguson may actually cry tears – the question is whether they will be out of sadness or glee?


Chelsea vs PSG – “David vs David”

Without a doubt the most evenly matched teams on paper, this will most likely be the hardest fought battle of all the match ups.

If Zlata continues on his current form from this year than Chelsea is in big trouble – especially if they themselves do not have a striker step up and score some goals.

However, with Jose at the helm you never know what kind of tricks the Blues will pull out.

What the World Wants: To see more classic Zlata – goals, comments, outbursts.

What the World Will Get: More Zlata (I hope I’m wrong).


Dortmund vs Real Madrid – “David vs. Goliath”

Last year’s runners up look much different than they did a year ago when they surprised Real in the semifinals.

With players leaving and injuries having mounted throughout the year, BVB looks as likely to upset Real again as they do of catching Bayern for the domestic title. *(spoiler alert)

*Bayern clinched the Bundasliga on March 26th.

What the World Wants: Ronaldo vs Messi.

What the World Will Get: It will come down to the semi-final draw, but Real will do their part to be there.

See you in the Semis.

(Go Blues!)

-The Poemer

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