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CFL’s Khalif Mitchell Doesn’t Get Twitter

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Some people shouldn’t have Twitter.
An average person who misuses the popular social media platform can probably get away with the unnecessary overshares and occasional trolling. However, when you’re a budding athlete you just can’t get away with a damn thing.
Even in the CFL (sorry CFL).

The Montreal Alouettes  defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell became a perfect example why athletes should have someone manage their online personas this week when he posted a conspiracy video.
It wasn’t any old conspiracy video; it was the big cheese of conspiracies. Khalif posted a video about how the Holocaust is a lie.
Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.29.26 PM

He followed up this brilliant post with several about how ISIS is a lie.

Because you know, go big or go home.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.29.39 PM
When questioned about whether he thought that the Holocaust was indeed a lie he claimed he was only doing research and had no opinion.

The CFL being a stand up organization that’s quick on it’s decision making quickly reacted to Khalif’s posts. The CFL fined Khalif the maximum amount allowed for violating the league’s social media policy. Take that Goodell- decision making.
This is actually Khalif’s second fine.
He was also fined three years ago for making derogatory remarks about Chinese people.
This is a football player who’s brain is going to be studied by scientists one day.
Oddly, despite being chastised by the CFL and releasing statements that he does not believe in these conspiracy statements, he is retweeting articles about his posts. Articles that have titles naming him for uncovering conspiracies are on his account Right Now. Khalif certainly does not fear the CFL. 
The CFL still won over the NFL here in decision making  though, right?
Chat on the Tweet Machine Where I Do Not Post Articles About Conspiracy Theories
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