CFL News: Free Agency, and once again, Arland Bruce is a goof

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The CFL’s free agent frenzy (well, maybe light flurry) opens today, with many intriguing names on the market.

No doubt the biggest name available is Saskatchewan Roughriders RB Kory Sheets. The man who wears #1 in Riderville is coming off a Grey Cup championship, a game in which he was named MVP after scampering for 197 YDS and two touchdowns. This capped off a tremendous season for Sheets, one in which he was in the running for CFL MOP alongside the Stamps’ Jon Cornish, as he totaled a combined 1,862 YDS on the ground and in the air, along with 12 TD’s. The only potential knock against Sheets is that at times, he can be a tad bit cocky, though he seemed to settle down in the latter half of the 2013 season.

Where will Kory end up though? I’m sure RiderNation would welcome back Sheets with open arms, but Sheets may not be back in green and white next year. Is there a chance he takes his talents south of the border to the tryout for the NFL? Also, could the Winnipeg Blue Bombers be after Sheets? He would be a nice complement to new QB, the still fairly unproven Drew Willy, and he may be able to quell the anger of the Bombers fan base. Last week, Bomber fans took to Twitter to bash the team for going 3-15 in 2013, and that they were not serious about building a winning squad. Those who run the Blue Bombers Twitter feed told the fans to be patient with the club, that GM Kyle Walters is doing his best to build a winner, and that free agency had not even opened yet. Sheets, along with the acquisition of Willy, could be the big splash needed to turn Winnipeg around.

Other names to look out for include Eskimos WR Cary Koch (who I could see the Argos making a push for, now that Dontrelle Inman has left for the NFL), Ti-Cats K Luca Congi, who struggled in 2013 after an excellent 2012 season, and two key members of the Argonauts defense, LB Robert McCune and DB Patrick Watkins. Could one, or both of, McCune and Watkins be leaving Toronto to join former defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones in Edmonton?

The opening of CFL free agency is overshadowed though, not just by the Sochi Olympics, but by typical stupid comments made by Alouettes WR Arland Bruce III. After finding out that NFL prospect Michael Sam had announced that he was gay, Bruce posted a picture on Instagram, one he has since deleted, of him and a girl, with a caption that asked if Sam was afraid to come in contact with women (that’s a clean version, Bruce used poorly chosen words), and that he need to “submit to God,” as this whole thing was “a trap.”

Arland-Bruces-Instagram-post (Bruce’s Instagram photo regarding Sam)

Arland, at the age of 36, you would think you would have learned a very important lesson by now: keep your mouth shut. First of all, you have no creditbility. You have lost it all due to you ridiculous actions of the past (the Spiderman mask, the Michael Jackson tribute, the fake name on the practice jersey in Hamilton), why continue to make things worse? Sexuality in sports is a sensitive topic, and if you don’t agree with Mr. Sam’s decision to come out as gay and his lifestyle, just be quiet, why is that so hard. There are probably others who don’t agree, but they kept their opinions to themselves. But no, you had to attack him and make yourself look not only homophobic, but like an idiot as well with your poor grammar. Smooth move Arland, maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll learn when to keep your trap shut.

(Photo credits to sports.yahoo.com)

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