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CFL: Alouettes QB Anthony Calvillo Retires

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A football great has left the game.

After rewriting the CFL/pro football history book, playing 20 seasons and winning 3 Grey Cups, Anthony Calvillo has decided to retire. For the first time since 1998, he won’t be on the practice field in his teal jersey with his fellow Alouettes.

The ending was imminent; Anthony is 41-years-old now and he had missed the final 10 games of the latest CFL season. The star quarterback had suffered a concussion that he said helped with his decision to retire. While he was forced to take time off the field until his concussion symptoms cleared up, he began to cope with what being out of the game permanently would be like.

He announced his retirement in an emotional press conference yesterday. While Anthony himself was pretty torn up about his decision; his friends and other Alouettes were just as upset to see him go.

Now that his entry into the Hall of Fame has become a formality, we can take a look at his amazing numbers.
Anthony Calvillo was the best pocket passer that the CFL has ever seen.
He has 79,816 passing yards (most passing yards in pro football history), 455 touchdowns and eight championship game appearances-this is more than any player in CFL history. And when you compare his numbers to the NFL, he has more touchdown passes than both Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. In fact, he has 8,000 more passing yards than Favre, and 15,000 more than Manning. Some would argue that his stats are a product of 20 seasons in the league and not due to true greatness. However, when studying his numbers he has strong rate numbers too. His completion percentage is 62.4%, which is second to Ricky Ray’s. He is also second to Ricky Ray in career passer rating. He comes in a strong third in CFL history for yards per attempt. This man’s greatness was not because he compiled strong stats over 20 seasons; it’s because he is one of the best quarterbacks that the Canadian Football League had, and will ever see.

Anthony is not done with football yet. He will finish up a degree he started and intern with the Alouettes to learn more about scouting. He can’t leave behind his Alouettes and something tells me that they can’t let go of him completely either.







Photo Credit: LaPress

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