Buffalo Bill’s Fans are the Most Responsible Drinkers

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What are things you never thought you’d hear?
It must come as a surprise that Bills Mafia was named the winner of the Bud Light Good Sport Program Responsibility Bowl. The winner has to gain the most support for their designated driver program throughout the season. The Bills racked up 20,000 designated drivers.
The Bills VP of Operations had things to say such as:
“Our fans’ second consecutive victory in the Responsibility Bowl supports the positive trend of responsible, respectful and courteous fan behavior the vast majority of our valued fans practice.”
Of course, Billsmafia is also the group of fans known for being the drunkest. Here is a short list of the most ridiculous Bills behaviour lsat season.
1. Table Breaking
So. Freaking. Much. Table. Breaking.
Like tons of it.
Bills Mafia caught the table breaking fever faster than the football team in Blue Mountain state caught syphilis.  There was jumping off camper table breaking, there was throwing friends onto table freaking, and there was tag team table breaking. It was endless.
See an example here. 
2. Bills Mafia Setting Themselves on Fire
While this may still fall within table breaking it also becomes its own category, because Fire.
This enterprising young fan set the aforementioned table on fire, then in his drunken state he jumped on it? After of course catching on fire, he then decided to … jump back on the table. His buddies then put him out with their beer, because that’s what friends are for.
3. Butts and Humping
Bills mafia have no shame. Last year we saw a number of parking lot bjs and that one girl who committed herself to a sexual act for a jersey. (ew). This year the fans did not disappoint.
There were a few hands down the pants moments- mostly in the stands. Then there was the video of two Bills fans humping in the parking lot in broad day light. Finally, there was the butts.
So much mooning. There was peer to peer mooning. Mooning between Bills fans and visiting team fans. Finally, there was mooning to stop traffic- just cause.
So congrats Bills fans.

The good folks at Deadspin put together a video montage of all the best moments sent to them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiM2_Va8h-k

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