Only the Buffalo Bills Would Admit Men Shouldn’t Play Football

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The Bills are a wonderment to the world of sports. They make bizarre decisions, have the craziest fans and have a record no one wants to look at. Today GM Doug Whaley furthered that familiar shake of the head we already give the Bills with this statement:

“This is the game of football, and injuries are part of it. It’s a violent game that I personally don’t think humans are supposed to play, and these things are gonna come up, but we just trust in our medical staff.”

Context: Whaley was on the Howard Simmon Show talking about the Bills. He was discussing Sammy Watkins injury and then accidentally said he doesn’t think men should play football. Good thing he isn’t important or anything.

Fast forward to a day later and the Bills released an official statement that Whaley didn’t mean it. He meant to say that the league has made a lot of rule changes and players have more protection than ever! The league he says, has a bright future.

I love hilariously transparent statements that were clearly influenced by a higher power’s authority.

In closing, the Bills are as hilarious as ever and the NFL continues to be a machine of crafted statements and closed door discussions.

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