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Brandon Marshall to the Jets

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Brandon Marshall to the Jets


The Bears traded Brandon Marshall for a 5th round pick today.

The trade becomes official Monday baring a good physical.

The Bears were obviously desperate to rid themselves of the $7.7 million price tag attached to Marshall, but what about their WR depth? Sure, Jeffrey emerged as a viable asset to the team last season but he isn’t enough. One could argue that Marshall’s numbers (61 receptions for 721 yards- worse number since his rookie year) dropped enough to warrant a trade- but let’s remember that Jay Cutler is wet garbage.

The Jets taking Marshall makes just as much sense. They now have Eric Decker, Percy Harvin and Jeremy Kerley. They can’t afford all these guys so Harvin must be on the move. And sure, that’s a great set of WRs but Geno Smith at the helm? Last season showed us that if the Jets should invest somewhere it better be in a new QB, or say RB. I mean god, Chris Ivory? Watching a Jets game at the end of the 2014 season was one of the most boring things I’ve ever seen. There was no WR action. It was all RB. Michael Vick was clearly not the answer either.
Not to mention that taking Marshall on is no walk in the park.

He’s been from the Broncos to the Dolphins to the Bears.
The Bears were not shy about stating that trading Marshall was more than a salary cap saver.
They were hoping to create a more peaceful locker room atmosphere – aka Marshall is the Nikki Minaj of the NFL in the locker room.

New HC Todd Bowles is more than likely going to have his hand full this season with Marshall and he may eat Geno Smith alive.

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