2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Three

Boston Bruins in 6, or 7

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I always had faith in the Bruins in this series. They were on a hot streak and now lead the series 2-1 after blacking Chicago Monday night. The Bruins had more trouble with the Leafs than the Rangers. The Penguins did not give them as much trouble as was expected. Everyone thought that Chicago would be the true test. I’ve talked to enough hockey fans that still think that the ‘Hawks can pull it off. However, the odds are in the Bruins favour.

History shows that teams that split the first two games, but win the third go on to win the Cup 21 out of 25 times. Not to mention that the Bruins are on fire and Rask is at the center of that fire. In Game 3 whenever a Chicago player got in Bruin’s zone he was shut down.  Every shot bounced off-there was no room to move. In the end the ‘Hawks had 28 shots on goal and the Bruins blocked 17. Rask had his third shut out of the postseason and the Blackhawks were had been shut out for only the second time in 2013.

Rask has been amazing. His numbers in this postseason have been better than Thomas’s were in 2011. He is playing with confidence after a shakey start. Some may say that Chicago never got to really challenge him. However, he’s playing so well maybe there is no challenging him. He’s a huge part of this series right now.

Not to mention the 24 faceoffs Patrice Bergeron won. He had 8 more faceoff wins than the entire Chicago team.  Or that Boston killed off all 5 of Chicago’s power plays in Game 3.  Or that Hossa was a scratch for Game 3. Or that ‘Hawks haven’t scored in Boston in 3.5 years.. Or anything about the revamped third line kicking major butt. (look pa, no swearing!).
Overall, it was a beating. The odds are now heavily stacked in favour of the Bruins. Their performance last night was that of a Stanley Cup Championship team. In 6 or 7, that’s all I’m saying.


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