Bitchy Baseball Banter: World Series Edition

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I’ve loved the playoffs so far for the most part and hope you have too. There have however been a few story lines that have me a little fired up and I just need to rant a bit and draw attention to them. If you’ve seen or heard any stories through the playoffs that have you worked up get at me on Twitter and let me know – @simplemanbrook

1) The San Francisco Giants charging a flat rate of $100 for parking for Game 3 of the World Series. They presumably will charge the same for Games 4 and 5 as well. Look I get it – it’s basic supply and demand aka Economics 101. But come on man! This is ridiculous. This is a franchise that has been to the World Series a number of times lately (3rd trip in 6 years) and clearly have a strong fan base that comes each and every night to one of the best parks in the league – AT&T Park – there’s no need to gouge here. I despise greed. This is one of the biggest reasons more and more fans across all of the major sports are choosing to stay at home and watch games with commentary in high def. It’s too damn expensive to take a family to a ball park during the regular season let alone when parking gets jacked to $100 in the playoffs. Come on Giants!

2) Joe Buck tells Harold Reynolds to go back to MLB Network. It was Game 2 and the two broadcasters were engaged in a minor argument and Buck sarcastically told Reynolds to go back to the MLB Network. Reynolds who was a major leaguer for 12 seasons has now been a broadcaster for a number of years, and was just promoted to the Fox broadcast this season and personally I just can’t stand the guy. Which actually makes me happy that Buck told Reynolds to go back to the MLB Network. The guy is so annoying. Some nights it’s as if he’s not even watching the same game the rest of us are – there are just random comments spewed out one after another. As far as this goes I can’t stand Joe Buck either, he comes off as a little pretentious and too dry. Also I love Tom Verducci, but as a writer – put down the mic and pick up the pen pal. So in summary, I basically mute the ball games and do my own play by play and commentary in my living room and I don’t think I’m the only fan out there doing the same!

3) Hunter Strickland loses his mind in Game 2 of the World Series. Strickland a relief pitcher for the Giants had one of the most random freak outs and over reactions in recent memory. Royals catcher Salvador Perez was on base when Omar Infante hit a homerun in the 6th inning. As Perez rounded the bases toward home, Strickland lost it and start yelling profanities to Perez – who barely speaks any English! Perhaps Strickland was ticked off at himself because it was the 5th homerun he’s surrender this playoffs but it doesn’t excuse his actions. The benches partially cleared which means we got another of my favourite (insert sarcasm here) awkward baseball fights/dance offs. Strickland admitted afterward he overreacted as Perez clearly did nothing wrong, and I get it – it’s the World Series and emotions run high. At some point though you have to have a hold of your emotions and be a professional. We let these athletes off every damn time they wig out and ‘apologize’ after as if they have a built in out every time. Perform or sit on the bench Strickland.

4) The continued disrespect of the Kansas City Royals is really starting to piss me off. I listen to Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown every day and am a huge fan, BUT he along with basically 95% of the rest of sports writers/commentators out there continue to down play the Royals. The term ‘fluke’ keeps getting thrown out there. Many call them under talented and I have yet to hear or read anyone pick them to win at the start of a series. Look, they won the Wild Card with a late game come back against a team that was the favourite. Then they beat the team with the best record in baseball in a 3 game sweep. THEN they beat a division winning team that was favourited against them in a 4 game sweep. Would anyone have predicted this when the playoffs started? No, of course not. But at some point we need to acknowledge that this is a strong team. They hit to contact, they never strike out, they steal bases and advance runners, they play the best defense in baseball and have one of the best bullpens in baseball. Their nucleolus of players are high draft picks in their mid 20s. The Royals are for real. And now the Royals are 2 games apiece with the Giants, and are 2 wins away from winning a World Series. Tip your caps guys.

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