Bills’ Kiko Alonso to the Eagles for LeSean McCoy

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I don’t like it.
I don’t like it one bit.
Don’t get me wrong- LeSean is a great player.
The man breaks ankles.
However, the Bills are under new rule from Rex Ryan. A HC that loves big difference makers on defense. Kiko was showing signs of being just that. A leader in his rookie year who stocked up 159 tackles in 2013. He tore his ACL last year and missed the entire season. So sure, there’s worry that he won’t be the same coming into the 2015 season, but there’s even more reason to doubt McCoy.
LeSean is a two time Pro Bowler. He has become a star with the Eagles. In 2013 he racked up 2146 yards. In 2014 he only amassed 1474- which may be third in the league but is a significant change. His average per carry went from 5.1 to 4.2. He has six seasons of wear and tear on him that many predicted meant he wouldn’t be donning the Eagles uni in 2015.
Not to mention that the Bills already have the help of CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. The duo have suffered a series of injuries, but by God don’t give up the ship yet!

What do you think?

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